Minami-chan kawaii~

Announced in today’s handshake event, Ikuchan won’t be participate in Nogizaka46’s 9th single. Her absence is due to she’ll concentrate on her study. She’ll prepare herself to enter university. But after that, she’ll be back to Nogizaka46. Ganbatte ne, Ikudon~

Akimoto Manatsu..

So smexy..I’m dying..

Kojima Haruna & Takayama Kazumi 2shot

Nishino Nanase - SamuraiELO cover (released in April 24)

Nishino Nanase - SamuraiELO cover (released in April 24)

Kojima haruna and Shiraishi Mai - Umazuki!

Doesn’t they look like sisters?

Shiraishi Mai - Umazuki!


AKB48 Group Montly News (Nogizaka46)


English sub of Captain Sakurai’s Lecture Room. Please watch this in 480 to HD for the best quality. This is my first time subbing so I still have a lot to learn; please feel free to give me feedback and tips.

This was part of a one episode parody of the AKB48 SHOW; for this reason, this episode was called the Nogizaka46 SHOW! While this is old, the reason I decided to sub this is because Ikoma Rina has a segment with Takamina in a similar fashion. Her clip should be up as soon as the AKB48 SHOW starts airing again.